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Blog Entries for month: February 2014  

  • Feb 25

    Cafe Zing

    Click here to visit Cafe Zing

    Look for the Pictures soon to come of the refit of

    Cafe Zing 20 High Street Long Eaton Nottingham NG10 1LL

    Arrival on site

    Existing floor , this is only the top layer

    Top vinyl during uplift and removal off site

    Sheet vinyl removed to expose two more layers of vinyl tiles ! Great !!!

    Old tiles NOT wanting to leve the building

    Stripping machine in action, 3/4 of a ton of tiles and vinyl where removed off the floor.

    Final few tiles being removed by machine 4hrs after arrival, and the job begins to look clean.

    Epoxy damp proof membrane being applied (black)

    Archer Flooring

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  • Feb 21

    William Lilley School

    William Lilley Infant & Nursery School

    Halls Road



    NG9 7FS

    Click here to visit william lilleys website

    Below is a recent refit of a classroom at William Lilley School.

    First of all the old carpet was removed and then the existing parquet flooring was uplifted and removed this had suffered damp which was causing the floor to swell in the middle. This was a very time consuming job as the parquet flooring was originally stuck down with bitumen adhesive.

    Once the parquet floor was completely removed and thoroughly swept a damp proof membrane (DPM) (the black) was adhered to the sub-floor. After (as you can see from the picture below) Lee is applying a screed (the grey) this is used to create a completely smooth surface. When this has completely dried which usually takes approximately 4 hours to dry (depending on conditions in the room) A carpet adhesive will be applied to the floor ready for the carpet to be fitted.

    The finished Result...

    Below Lee is applying black PVC sit on skirting around the wash basin.

    A slightly clearer picture of the actual carpet colour with a shiny new door trim.

    Archer Flooring

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  • Feb 21

    Treetops Hospice

    Click Here to visit Treetops Website

    The Recent Refit at Treetops Hospice Derby Road Stapleford.

    Carpet tiles laid by ARCHER FLOORING..

    Here we start with the Floor Preperation with 6mm Plywood and Feather edge to smoooth out any inperfections so the carpet tiles lay on a completly flat surface.

    Floor Preperation with 6mm Plywood and skimcoat.

    Adhesive Spread ready for the first Carpet tiles to be laid out. This is left for approximately 20 mins so it becomes tacky.

    Carpet tile adhesive Spread ready for the first Tiles to be laid.

    In this picture you can see the adhesive has gone clear which means the first carpet tiles can start to be  laid out.

    Laying the first Carpet tiles

    Coming along nicely. Thats half the floor done.

    Nearly Completed the front of the shop just the entrance mat to fit. 

    The changing rooms at treetops completed.

    The back of the shop completed.

    Finally the front of the shop completed with entrance mat.

    So thats the completed job at treetops hospice derby road, stapleford. dont forget to pop down to treetops to see the finished job.

    Archer Flooring

    Posted By Archer Flooring on Feb 21, 2014 at 12:28 PM

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