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In order to aid our customers in assessing the amount of flooring you will need we have included this Flooring Area Calculator.

We suggest that you break down the areas into squares or rectangles and enter each area’s dimensions into the grid below.

Where you have unusual shapes such as curves or angles then take the greatest dimension in each direction.

For carpets we suggest you enter 5% as the wastage factor and for flooring and tiles 10%

The Total Area box gives you the total amount of flooring you will require and you can use this to estimate the cost of materials for your installation.

  Dimension Width Length Area  
  1 m m m 2  
  2 m m m 2  
  3 m m m 2  
  4 m m m 2  
  5 m m m 2  
  Sub total m 2  
  Allow for % wastage m    
  Total Area m 2  


Please note that we have provided this carpet and flooring calculator purely as a guide only and therefore cannot accept any responsibility for any incorrect measurements, calculations or any other errors however occurring